The Food

When it comes to food, Dalmatian people are the ones you have to talk to. Even huge food lovers as we are, we are also amazing chefs. Dalmatian cuisine is pretty simple - fresh ingredients, Mediterranean herbs and lots of love while cooking is what makes our dishes so special. Dalmatian people are also kind of lazy nation which is what makes our cooking as simple as it can be. We use plenty of fish, olive oil, vegetables and, of course, some wine. Most of other people say that sometimes we are also stingy. That statement when it comes to cooking is true just because we are in an amazing position for some free food. It just takes patience and time to grow vegetables or catch fish. While driving around Trogir and Split area you can see a lot of agricultural fields where people grow their vegetables. Mediterranean climate also allows us to grow olive trees, so you will not go wrong with our olive oil. You can take it home as a souvenir from Croatia. Meat is eaten less than in continental areas of Croatia just because we are able to catch some fish and cook it straight from our sea. If looking for traditional restaurants or ''konoba'' as we like to call them you have to visit our islands - Hvar, Brač, Vis and Šolta are the most popular ones in the area of Split and Trogir. The best way to explore those places is by boat. You can choose private or group tour to get to places and introduce yourself with the traditional way of cooking Dalmatian meals. There is a saying that ''love goes through the stomach'' and in this blog post we are going to make you fall in love with Croatia, Dalmatia and the most important - our food. Most of the recepies that we follow during our gourmet preparation can not be found in cookbooks. Why? Because the recipes of our dishes are conveyed from generation to generation and every generation adds something new so it never remains the same.
A perfect way to start a Dalmatian meal is with salted sardines or anchovies. Komiška pogača (Komiza pie) is also a really good starter. It is originally from the island of Vis - Komiža town, near Split and Trogir. Pie is made with salted fish and when it comes to fish, fried smelts can be your starter as well. You will have the feeling like you are just munchin on some chips but much healthier version. The main meal is impossible to start without soup. Meat or fish which was cooked in the soup, served with steamed vegetables (usually carrots, potatoes, spinach or cabbage) and seasoned with garlic and olive oil is amazing liquid dish after partying all night. We like to call it as cure for everything. Really brings you back to life, but we are going to move on to some real food. If you are a person who really enjoys fish meals, you can not go wrong with brudet - fish stew(prepared with several different types of fish), black risotto (seafood and rice dish with natural antidepressant from black squid ink), octopus under peka (octopus und potatoes seasoned with olive oil and herbs) or as simple as it sounds - grilled fish. On the other side for those of you who are staying truthful to meat - Pašticada dish (beef stew) is a must try. It takes hours to cook, but the final result and taste is something from another world.
People from Dalmatia are also known as great fans of desserts. Simplicity mixed with dried figs, raisins, almonds, honey and eggs will win your heart. Rožata (flan) , rafijoli (pastry filled with almond paste) , fritule (very small doughnuts) and mandulat (dessert made out of almond and honey) are just some of the local desserts in Split and Trogir area. As mentioned before, climate in Croatia really allows us to grow things by our own. Wine is also a product that we really enjoy making. Do not be fooled by that saying, we enjoy drinking it too, and there is numerous variety of wine so everyone can find the one that suits their taste buds. White wines produced in Dalmatia include Pošip, Malvasia and Debit, but there is many more that we are going to leave for you to discover. Dingač, Plavac and Dobričić are going to surprise you with their red wine taste. Maraschino - dessert liquer, produced by following a secret recipe in Zadar is something worth trying. Do not hesitate to grab and drink glass or two. At the end, you are on your vacation and '' chill and relax '' are some of our mottos that we live by every day.
There is much more to say about us, our food and way of living, but we do not want to give everything away. Now it's your turn to visit our beautiful country named Croatia, book a boat tour from Trogir or Split with us and let us take you to try some of the most delicious meals in the area. Most of our tours include visiting some of traditional Dalmatian restaurants. If love goes through the stomach as everyone says, then you will fall in love with Dalmatia.