Importance of a skipper training course

Once you've decided you want to rent a boat, another important decision stands before you- whether to take a skipper training course or not. Skipper training will help you improve your boat operating skills, navigation basics and help you get the feel of the specific boat you're renting. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced skipper, having a professional give you some tips and show you some tricks is never a bad idea. In a big number of countries (Croatia being one of them) you don’t need any actual practical experience to get a licence. In these cases it’s in your best intrest to take a skipper training course, as manoivering a boat (especially docking) is not an easy task.You can adjust how long and extensive you want your skipper training course to be, depending on your needs. If you already have some experience you will probably need a shorter course, but if you're a begginer a longer course is reccomended.
In the last 20 years, thanks to it's beautiful coast and over 1200 islands, Croatia (especially Dalmatia!) has become a very popular destination. That also reflects on sea traffic, as docking locations on popular destinations are often flooded with boats, which can make manouvering a boat a bit difficult. This is where skipper training steps in! Our skippers visit that same destinations almost every day and their advice will surely be of great help.
The Adriatic, with it's clearness and sapphire color, is extremely beautiful. But don't let it's beauty fool you, it can be really ruff and choppy at times. Being unable to maneuver a boat in these conditions can be a safety hazard and safety should be your first priority. Besides that, worrying and struggling to maneuver a boat makes the whole experience far less fun.
Investing in skipper training will help you stay safe, but it's also a smart move cost vise! Even if it may seem as an added expense at first, boat repairs cost a whole lot more and it's best to avoid them alltogether.
Even though skipper training course is focused on the technical part of the boating experience, don’t hesitate to ask our skippers for advice on planning your days on the sea. Our skippers are all locals and know the area quite well. They will be happy to suggest the best beaches, restaurants, little towns and villages and all other sorts of things you should check out while in the area.